The Age of Sail

The International Annual of the Historic Sailing Ship, Volume 2
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Published:April 1, 2004
By Nicholas Tracy (Author)

This second volume of a fascinating and thought-provoking series continues to explore every aspect of international maritime history from 1500 to 1860. Notable contributors cover a variety of topics, including Chris Ware on the Honorable John Byng's controversial rise to flag rank, Lars Einarsson on the wreck of the Swedish ship Kronan, Colin Jones on the White Star Line's Red Jacket, Dan Harris on English shipwrights working in Denmark and Sweden in the eighteenth century, Tom Wareham on John Borlase Warren and the Expedition to Quiberon Bay in 1795, Martin Robson on the British approach to amphibious warfare from 1793 to 1815, and Karl Heinz Marquardt on the ship model known as the Hamburg conveyor Wapen von Hamburg III. A treasure trove of reviews, notes, news, online resources, and a gallery of images completes these not-to-be-missed collector's volumes.

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  • Subject: Age of Sail
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Nicholas Tracy, an experienced yachtsman who teaches history at the University of New Brunswick, has written extensively about naval tactics and strategy in the age of sail.

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