The U.S. Naval Institute on Women in Navy: Challenges

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The U.S. Naval Institute Chronicles series focuses on the relevance of history by exploring topics like significant battles, personalities, and service components. Tapping into the U.S. Naval Institute's robust archives, these carefully selected volumes help readers understand nuanced subjects by providing unique perspectives and some of the best contributions that have helped shape naval thinking over the many decades since the Institute’s founding in 1873.

Serving as a companion to the history of women in the Navy, this volume presents the challenges that have accompanied the long road to gender integration. In these pages readers will find edification, clarification, and much food for thought about one of the most significant national defense issues of modern times.

Editorial Reviews

"Women in the Navy, The Challenges achieves what any good anthology should, it presents a broad range of information in a sympathetic manner while leaving the reader room to form his or her own opinion. Recommended." The Naval Review