Submarines and Submarine Depot Ships

Selected Photos from the Archives of the Kure Maritime Museum, The Best from the Collection of Shizuo Fukui's Photos of Japanese Warships"

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    March 1, 2020
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Originally published in Japan in 2005, each album in The Japanese Naval Warship photo album series contains official photographs taken by the Kure Maritime Museum, as well as those taken by private individuals. These pictorial records document the main types of Japanese vessels, from battleships to submarines, based on the best images from Shizuo Fukui, a former Imperial Japanese Navy commander and technician. These photos include the ones Fukui began collecting as a young boy and continued after he worked as a naval shipbuilder, and those that he was given in order to complete a photographic history of the Imperial Japanese Navy’s ships, which include those gathered by Nagamura Kiyoshi, a shipbuilder who proactively collected photos, and the collection of machinist Amari Yoshiyuki. Moreover, with the help of shipbuilder Makino Shigeru, among others, Fukui was able to continue to gather photographs and other items throughout the postwar period. It is not an exaggeration, therefore, to say that Fukui dedicated his entire life to this work. These images are especially valuable because of the massive destruction of official documents at the end of the war.

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“Beautifully illustrated and produced.” —Baird Maritime
“This is a photo album of full-page photographs of vessels of the Japanese Navy dating from about 1905 through the end of World War II…. Very highly recommended.” —Nautical Research Journal
“A must-have, and likewise for anyone considering modelling any of these perennially fascinating but under-documented warships.” —Warship