"Service Etiquette, 5th Edition"

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This all-new 5th edition of the venerable Service Etiquette cements the guide’s reputation as the definitive resource of military protocol. International protocol experts Cherlynn Conetsco and Anna Hart have totally rewritten the book, expanding its scope and intended readership from military officers and military spouses to all levels of the military, government, and business professionals. With forty-plus years of collective experience, they are recognized masters in modern etiquette and civility.Universally applicable, the new edition is a highly readable, multicultural courtesy and planning manual that provides entry-level professionals with a wealth of hands-on detail and vital skill sets. To seasoned military leaders and corporate executives, it offers useful insights in refining social and business models for a diverse selection of both domestic and international constituencies. Throughout the reference, Conetsco and Hart share fascinating insights, the latest official information, and modern civility advice. They introduce new material covering international guest and host etiquette, including manners at the global dinner table, public use of personal electronic devices and email manners, and essential protocol during government ceremonies, business receptions, and high-profile visits. They spotlight individual responsibilities, such as proposing toasts and navigating receiving lines, in detail. Seating plans are included for conference rooms, auditoriums, and dining tables. There are checklists and step-by-step scripts for organizing a Dining In or a Fallen Comrade observance. For fast reference, the first page of each chapter includes a box listing key points covered. To keep the guide user friendly, boxes with pertinent questions and answers appear throughout the text.

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"This volume should be required reading for those engaged in and those who aspire to military services, foreign service, and corporate leadership. Students and civilians alike will find it most valuable for understanding and planning for service-related functions. Highly recommended." Choice
"Everyone needs to learn the basics of etiquette, and this is the indispensable guide - updated well for the new world." —Laura Stavridis, author of Navy Spouse's Guide
"Military customs and traditions, as presented in Service Etiquette, Fifth Edition, are as old as the Republic itself. In many cases, military traditions define not only the uniqueness of a particular service but they also serve as a daily physical reminder that binds us together as Americans, regardless of our backgrounds." —Gen. John J. Sheehan, USMC (Ret.)
"Service Etiquette is a monumental achievement. Our gratitude goes to Cherlynn Conetsco and Anna Hart for being world-class keepers of the civility flame." —P.M. Forni, Director of The Civility Initiative at Johns Hopkins, and author of Choosing Civility
"Cherlynn Conetsco and Anna Hart are the ideal resources to serve as authors for this important book. Their solid experiences, meticulous research, and up-to-date advice come to life in these pages. Readers will achieve the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are doing 'the right thing' in a considerate, respectful, and honest way." —Peggy Post, Director of The Emily Post Institute and author of Emily Posts's Etiquette, 17th Edition
"These two brave authors have wrangled their advice on the giant, complicated subject of manners and protocol into a readable, enjoyable form for which they certainly deserve thanks. Representing the military world, they present solutions to every kind of global social dilemma. For example, when having a conversation with someone whose local culture restricts eye contact, they tell us to forget the eye contact. Instead, look the other person right in the neck. I love it." —Letitia Baldrige, author of Navy Spouse's Guide