Saltwater Leadership

A Primer on Leadership for the Junior Sea-Service Officer

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Designed for busy junior officers in the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard, and Merchant Marine, this primer teaches the basics of leadership in five sequential steps. It begins with a useful overview of major leadership studies, followed by an informative summary of the wisdom of 380 senior sea-going officers regarding those leadership attributes required of the junior officer. One chapter includes sea stories from officers of varied backgrounds, each offering a leadership lesson that was learned the hard way. Along with this sage advice from experienced sea-service officers, the book offers a final chapter that helps readers build personalized plans to improve their own leadership skills. Such a practical guide is certain to turn young officers into successful leaders.

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Editorial Reviews

"The book is divided into ten simple and relatively stand-alone chapters with four appendices. In keeping with the simplicity of the book, Rear Admiral Wray writes chapters using leadership lists, leadership stories, leadership advice, and advice from senior leaders. He concludes with advice on 'becoming the leader you want to be', followed by appendices detailing study-practise-observe-mentor techniques, recommending 35 leadership books, and describing leadership traits, attributes, advice and rules. Finally, RADM Wray has captured a thought on leadership that many ADF leaders could aspire in asserting that '[t]he only time a leader should raise their voice is to save a life, either others or their own'. Ultimately, Saltwater Leadership provokes even the most senior leaders to reflect on their own leadership, while simultaneously helping to guide young leaders as they enter a career in the ADF." — Australian Defence Force Journal