The Royal Navy Officer's Jutland Pocket-Manual 1916

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Published months before the Battle of Jutland, W. M. James’ book was originally published as New Battleship Organisations. It was considered the ultimate guide to command and organization of every aspect of a modern First World War capital ship. Now republished as The Royal Navy Officer’s Jutland Pocket-Manual 1916, this reprint marks the centenary of the First World War’s most famous and deadly naval encounter.

This small, but infinitely interesting manual provides a unique and highly revealing insight into life aboard ship: the mechanics of command and seamanship, the issuing of orders, and the broad expectations placed upon British naval officers. Specific sections are dedicated to the organization of watches; the division of work; naval routine; parades; anchor and cable work; coaling; the organization of chapel; on-board shops; cleaning; and even the ship’s barbers. A series of detailed tables, diagrams, and humorous cartons accompany the lucid, period language of the First World War Senior Service and provide a further glimpse below-deck that will appeal to social and family historians as well as anyone with an interest in naval history.