A Quest for Glory

A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren

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    March 1, 2020
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To win glory and power, to be renowned throughout posterity—such was the ambition that fueled John A. Dahlgren's controversial rise to eminence during the Civil War era. While he ranks with the foremost contributors to the American naval tradition and is known as the "father of American naval ordnance", personal conflicts and the lack of major victories at sea nearly obscured his historic legacy. Chief of the Bureau of Ordnance in 1862, Dahlgren was recognized as the top ordnance expert in America and was known around the world. He achieved this reputation largely for inventing the Dahlgren gun, the most powerful and reliable naval cannon of its day and the standard armament on Union warships. But because ordnance work did not yield the glory he so desperately desired, he abandoned the post of bureau chief for a fighting berth. With the help of friend Abraham Lincoln, he took command of the South Atlantic Blockading Squadron—only to preside over the Navy's greatest disappointment during the war, the failure to capture Charleston. Drawing on Dahlgren's meticulously kept diaries and records and recently uncovered family papers, author Robert Schneller describes with a biographer's sensitivity and a historian's perspective the admiral's many technical triumphs as well as the plots, duels, intrigues, and betrayals that plagued Dahlgren's life.

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"Robert Schneller's A Quest for Glory is a well-written and crafted account of the somewhat tragic life of John DahlgrenAbraham Lincoln's confidant, the foremost designer of naval guns of the Civil War era, and a U.S. Navy operational commander who struggled to meet the technological challenges of a new age of warfare along with his own and his president's expectations." —Michael A. Palmer, East Carolina University, author of Origins of the Maritime Strategy
A Quest for Glory was first published in hardcover almost a quarter-century ago. This dense biography of the ‘father of American naval ordnance’ made good reading back in 1996, and it holds up well today, not only because it explores the life of a fascinating military man but also because it tells a cautionary tale of becoming exactly the type of person we struggled against for much of our lives…. Well-written and chock full of scientific tidbits, A Quest for Glory certainly deserves the honor of being reprinted in paperback.” —The Journal of America’s Military Past
A Quest for Glory is a good read for anyone interested in the naval side of the Civil War.” —StrategyPage