The Naval Institute Guide to Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet, 18th Edition

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    March 1, 2005
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Packed with authoritative information, up-to-date photographs, line drawings, maps, and useful appendixes, this timely new guide describes the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard during an intensive period of transformation from the Cold War to what some call World War III. In the war against radical Muslim fundamentalists, the sea services play significant roles, and this comprehensive volume gives a valuable overview of each force and provides details of their ships, aircraft, weapons, and people. New to this eighteenth edition are chapters on the Navy's littoral combat ships and the unmanned aerial vehicles being flown by all three services.

Continuing a longstanding tradition as the most complete resource of its kind, this updated edition easily meets the high expectations and exacting standards of those who rely on it to stay informed and make important decisions. For example, new details are provided on the changing carrier air wings, the close-in weapon systems being provided for defense against small craft, a new submarine rescue system, the deepwater cutter program, unmanned undersea and unmanned surface vehicles, and the new MH-60R/S multipurpose, ship-based helicopters. In cataloging and updating the assets of U.S. Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard and in assessing various trends, the author once again reinforces the guide's reputation for accuracy and reliability.

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