Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery

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This book does for naval anti-aircraft defense what Friedman’s Naval Firepower did for surface gunnery – it makes a highly complex but historically crucial subject accessible to the layman. It traces the growing aerial threat from its inception in WWI and the response of each of the major navies down to the end of WWII, highlighting in particular the underestimated danger from dive-bombing. The work considers what effective AA fire-control required, and how well each navy’s systems actually worked, analyzing the weapons, how they were placed on ships, and how this reflected the tactical concepts of naval AA defense. All important guns, directors and electronics are represented in close-up photos and drawings, and lengthy appendices detail their technical data. It is, simply, another superb contribution to naval technical history by its leading exponent.

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"This book provides a welcome history of the development if naval AA guns and gunnery, from WWI until after WWII. The introductory chapters are particularly good—clear and well written. They offer an excellent overview of the problems involved in shooing at airplanes from ships. The reader then has a choice of reading all the national chapters or just those that interest him." —Coast Defense Journal