The Last Days of the High Seas Fleet

From Mutiny to Scapa FLow

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    June 1, 2019
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On 21 June 1919 the ships of the German High Seas Fleet—interned at Scapa Flow since the Armistice—began to founder, taking their British custodians completely by surprise. In breach of agreed terms, the fleet dramatically scuttled itself in a well-planned operation that consigned nearly half a million tons, and 54 of 72 ships, to the bottom of the sheltered anchorage in a gesture of Wagnerian proportions. Using new material from German sources and a host of eye-witness testimonies, Nicholas Jellicoe meticulously reconstructs the circumstances of the scuttling itself and clearly lays out the aftermath for all parties involved.

Editorial Reviews

“In this detailed account Jellicoe presents much fresh material and analysis, not only telling the sequence of events, but also highlighting the turbulent final days of the German High Seas Fleet in the last months of the war…. This is an excellent historical narrative of the events leading up to the Great Scuttle, the terrible day itself and its aftermath, not least a look at how the world’s naval power was rebalanced between the wars.” —Warships: International Fleet Review
“Jellicoe’s greatest accomplishment is his placement of the great scuttle at Scapa Flow within its broader context. His book is embellished with high-quality illustrations and bolstered by detailed appendices. A website easily accessible via QR code in the first appendix includes photographs, maps, and a high-quality 25-minute animated companion to the book’s contents. These features no doubt will help make this book attractive to a broad audience of scholars, students, and naval enthusiasts.” —The International Journal of Maritime History