International Law for Seagoing Officers, 7th Edition

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    November 15, 2022
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The seventh edition of this Blue and Gold Series book brings clarity and context to international law for the seagoing professional. This book is the only work that addresses the international law of the sea from the perspective of the United States.   
For those who operate on, under and over the sea, international law can sometimes be as complex as it is important. Written by the same former seagoing officer and maritime law professional who authored the current edition of Farwell’s Rules of the Nautical Road, this book was designed to bring clarity and context to international law for the seagoing professional. Following an introduction to public international law and a short history of the law of the sea, the book describes the rules that apply in ports and in the adjacent maritime zones, including the territorial sea, exclusive economic zone, archipelagic waters, and the high seas.  A highlight of the book are the chapters that focus on subjects of greatest interest to the seagoing professional, including military and intelligence activities in the maritime domain, maritime law enforcement activities and the use of force at sea. The appendices include the text of the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea and the U.S. Senate’s “understandings” of key provisions of the convention. Whether an academy cadet, a midshipman, a seasoned commanding officer, or master mariner, readers of this thorough and timely book will be rewarded with a far greater understanding of the international laws that govern ships and mariners at sea.   

New  in this edition: 

  • Over a dozen new cases by courts and arbitration panels interpreting UNCLOS, including the South China Sea dispute between the Philippines and China.  
  • Coverage of Commercial Seafarer protections under Maritime Labor Convention.  
  • Global Responses to the Mediterranean Migrant Crisis.  
  • Coverage of the law protecting our vital submarine cables. 
  • Expanded coverage of unmanned and autonomous vessels and aircraft.  
  • Coverage on vessel health safety and quarantine measures applicable in the COVID-19 Pandemic.  
  • A new chapter surveying issues the U.S. Senate should consider in any decision regarding ratification of UNCLOS. 
  • A new appendix setting out the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard policies on sovereign immunity of government vessels and aircraft.  

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