The Hunter Hunted

Submarine versus Submarine Encounters from World War I to the Present

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    April 25, 2007
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Today the submarine itself is regarded as the most potent anti-submarine weapon, but it was not always so. This book traces the growing effectiveness of the submarine as a hunter of its own kind, using a carefully selected series of dramatic incident from the earliest days to some nuclear "near misses" during the Cold War.

Here are some fifteen dramatic accounts, including the sinking in 1915 of Germany's U-7 by U-22; the sinking of a Spanish Republican submarine by the German U-34 in 1936; the only U.S. submarine lost to an enemy submarine—the USS Corvina, sunk by the Japanese I-176 in 1943; and the last German and Japanese submarines sunk in World War II—both taken down by U.S. submarines.

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