HMS Terror

The Design, Fitting and Voyages of a Polar Discovery Ship

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    250 color & b/w photos, prints, and line plans
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    January 15, 2023
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This book documents the history, design, modification, and fitting of HMS Terror, one of the world’s most successful polar exploration vessels. Part historical narrative and part technical design manual, this book provides, for the first time, a complete account of 
Terror’s unique career, as well as an assessment of her sailing abilities in polar conditions, a record of her design specifications, and a full set of accurate plans of her final 1845 configuration. It is an ideal reference for those interested in the Franklin Mystery, in polar exploration, the Royal Navy, and in ship design and modelling.

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Terror is a fine book. With patient and impeccable research Matthew Betts has re-created, literally at times, a ship that saw more action and adventure than almost any other vessel of its time. He lays out with great clarity and authority, everything you want to know, and everything you ought to know about one of the great unsung heroic ships of Britain’s naval history.” —Michael Palin