For God and Glory

Lord Nelson and His Way of War

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    February 15, 2019
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"For God and Glory stands apart from the usual biographical-social treatment that is commonplace nowadays and makes a distinct and important contribution to the field. The author's experience and perspective make him uniquely situated to comment on important aspects of the admiral's career."—Barry Gough, author of Fighting Sail on Lake Huron and Georgian Bay

Taking a highly original, thematic approach to the study of Horatio Lord Nelson, Joel Hayward analyzes the admiral's unique warfighting style, doctrine, tactics, and operational art, his command and leadership abilities, and his attitudes and beliefs. But Hayward reveals how all these elements combined to form the man whose infectious ethos spread through his entire force. He shows that Nelson's creative genius, excitable and intense personality, dramatic visage, and fervor for all things martial not only inspired courage and loyalty but so dazzled and inflamed the hearts and minds of his men that he reached near cult status in his lifetime.

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Editorial Reviews

For God and Glory is a fascinating analysis of Nelson and his effectiveness during the Napoleonic wars. Instead of being blinded by hero worship, Hayward writes a compelling and unbiased account of a man who was deeply religious, was aware of his human weaknesses – even if he didn’t always conquer them – and was a masterful strategist and tactician at sea when his country needed him most. His loyalty was such that he willingly sacrificed himself to safeguard what he held dear, and the concern for his men and love of country, in turn, inspired others. One might think this would be a dry or pedantic analysis; in actuality, it is a compelling, well-crafted, and fascinating study of Nelson, the man. While primarily geared toward students of military history and warfare, as well as readers passionate about this time period and/or Vice Admiral Lord Nelson, novelists will find this analysis enlightening because it is also a comprehensive character study of the traits, both good and bad, of a convincing hero.” —Pirates and Privateers
“This is an important book. Hayward has done us a service. An essential summer read. Despite frightful physical injuries, Nelson's belief in humanity, Navy, and country stands out - placing him amongst those 'exceptional humans ... who took risks, learned from mistakes ... and proved all their foes unequal'.” —The Navy

For God and Glory stands on the shelf as important critical counterweight.” —The Nautilus