"French Battleships, 1922-1956"

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The French battleships of the Dunkerque and Richelieu classes were the most radical and influential battleship designs of the interwar period, and were coveted by the British, German and Italian navies following the Armistice of June 1940. Using a wealth of primary-source material, some of which has only recently been made available, the authors provide a full account of their development and a detailed analysis of their design characteristics. The technical chapters are interspersed with operational histories, with a particular focus on the operations in which the ships engaged other heavy units. The book is extensively illustrated with hundreds of photographs and technical drawings, including twenty-two color profile and plan views of the ships.

Editorial Reviews

"Naval nerds delight! The magnificent tome, French Battleships 1922-1956, has been awaiting review for a year; it was not some thing to be rushed. John Jordan and Robert Dumas have turned their passion of studying French capital ships into a durable and valuable historical work of reference, which is also the kind of book which can in spire. As with the great book, The Battlecruiser HMS Hood, by Bruce Taylor, I think I will keep my copy of French Battleships under my pillow for ready reference." —Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy
“The illuminating, intriguing account chronicles France’s last two battleship classes in nine chunky chapters over 232 picture-packed pages…. The admirably annotated, indexed effort sports hundreds of photos and close-up shots. Color profiles, drawings, and schematics offer detail enthusiasts excellent references. Maps, tables, sidebars, captions, and chronologies further spice the survey. What a superb study…. Robustly recommended!” —Cybermodeler Online