The Flight of Jesse Leroy Brown

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    February 20, 2007
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Jesse Leroy Brown was born in 1926 to sharecroppers in the segregated South. An outstanding student and top athlete, he set his sights on becoming a Navy pilot despite the resistance of his family and the rampant Jim Crow laws. Brown went on to become the first black man to fly a Navy fighter and make a carrier landing. Based on archival documents and interviews with those who knew Brown, this is both a stirring story of a man breaking historic racial barriers and a thrilling tale of naval carrier aviation and combat.

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Editorial Reviews

"A compelling portrait of a quiet hero, of the racial climate between 1926 and 1959, and of the last days of propeller-driven naval aviation." — Booklist
“The author, Theodore Taylor, speaks of Jesse Brown’s flight metaphorically as this is his biography of Brown. And what a bio this is! Brown was the naval aviator who was raised poor but well and known as the U.S. Navy’s first Afro-American aviator. He was a man who could be anyone’s friend and his manner of death in a Corsair during the Marine’s retreat from the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War is a tale well worth the telling. Like many, though not enough authors writing history, Taylor brings in the human dimension so readers obtain understanding along with knowledge.” —SeattlePi