Fire from the Sky

Surviving the Kamikaze Threat

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    March 15, 2010
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As every modeler knows, one of the most difficult aspects of ship modeling is the painting and fine detailing. According to the author of this book, Tom Gorman, who is one of the most highly respected modelers in the profession, it’s what separates the good from the "also ran." For those struggling to put the final touches on their scale ship models, this new manual will come as a godsend.

Profusely illustrated in both color and black and white, the book first takes on the painting of models, outlining techniques for both wood and plastic and then addressing the different approaches needed for hulls and superstructures, decks and fittings. He describes all the equipment needed and tells how to prepare the surfaces and apply the sealing and priming coats, and explains brushwork, spraying, air-brushing, and varnishing. The second part of the book deals with the fittings and explains how to make lifeboats, rafts, and carley floats, and tells how to make all the deck machinery and hull fittings, funnels and masts, as well as anchors and bollards, among other things. Whether you are a modeler aspiring to competition status or at the early stage of your career, the wealth of practical information provided in this manual will help transform your model to the highest standards and should find a place on every modeler’s workbench.

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