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Professional mariners, military and civilian, from cadets to captains, will find this book’s thorough commentary on the rules of the road and its analysis of numerous collision cases in which the courts construed and applied those rules an invaluable reference. i. Farwells’ Rules of the Nautical Road continues to provide maritime attorneys professional insight into how the rules apply in context and offers rigorous analysis of their application by courts and administrative tribunals For nearly eighty years, this book has been viewed as the indispensable collision law reference work.
This new edition of Captain Farwell’s venerable reference on the nautical rules of the road preserves the carefully crafted wisdom on the first edition, published in 1941 while providing up-to-date information to help the modern mariner understand how those rules are being interpreted and applied today.
The ninth edition includes:

  • Updated coverage of the rules by incorporating previous amendments to the 1972 COLREGS and the U.S. Inland Rules.
  • Describes the International Maritime Organization’s ongoing regulatory scoping project examining issues raised by the introduction of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS), while noting the as-yet unanswered COLREGs compliance challenges such vessels will faceIntegrates the watchstander qualifications and requirements imposed by the STCW Convention and Code, the SOLAS Convention and by U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard directives.
  • Incorporates equipment and watchkeeping requirements from the U.S. Navigation Safety StandardsUpdates collision cases from the US, UK, and Canadian courts, and adds relevant interpretations and decisions from Coast Guard Law Bulletins and Coast Guard Decisions.
  • Analyzes several well-publicized collisions that occurred since the publication of the eighth edition
  • Updates coverage of the narrow channel rule, taking particular note of the difficulties in determining where the rule applies.
  • Updates the materials on the look-out and risk of collision responsibilities to address integrated bridge systems, automatic identification systems, voyage data recorders, and the increasingly “active” role of VTS.
  • And more.

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Editorial Reviews

“I was very pleased to see this cornerstone reference updated to reflect the 2017 collisions involving USS John S. McCain and USS Fitzgerald among the many examples and illustrations. The authors do a great job providing context, history, and using real life experiences to drive home the mandate that professional mariners know these rules cold. They can literally mean the difference between life and death at sea.” —Capt. John P. Cordle, USN (Ret.), former commanding officer of USS Oscar Austin (DDG 79) and USS San Jacinto (CG-56) and Navy League John Paul Jones Award Winner

“In this new edition of Farwell’s Rules of the Nautical Road, Professor Allen and Commander Allen have once again preserved and updated the definitive analysis of the collision regulations.  It continues to be the essential reference for maritime attorneys litigating collision cases.” —Alan M. Weigel, maritime attorney, Blank Rome LLP

“This is a most extraordinary book intended for professional officers and petty officers…. There is no other book like this, and this is the one book to have at the professional level.” —Public Intelligence Blog
“Recommended for owners of German merchant ships as well as ship owners of smaller, but high seas capable boats or for ships and boats of the German Navy and the coast guard.” —German Maritime Competence Net
“This book is designed to satisfy seamanship classes such as those at the U.S. Naval Academy and at Naval R.O.T.C., colleges, and serve as a useful handbook for the officers at sea in their professional practice of navigation.” —Maritime Review
“The ninth edition brilliantly updates this classic handbook for today’s mariner … [and] will remain relevant for many years to come.” —Journal of Advanced Military Studies