Eagles over the Sea, 1943-45

A History of Luftwaffe Maritime Operations

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    June 15, 2020
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This is the second volume of Lawrence Paterson’s detailed account of all the Luftwaffe’s naval operations during World War II. The first volume took the story up to 1942, and by the end of that year Hermann Göring’s Reich Air Ministry had subsumed nearly every aspect of Wehrmacht maritime aviation. Kriegsmarine attempts to develop an independent Fleet Air Arm had been perpetually frustrated, reflecting the chaotic nature of the Third Reich’s internal military and political mechanics. Driven more by vanity than operational prudence, the Luftwaffe had continually thwarted the advancement of maritime aviation, and by 1942 began to reap the whirlwind it had created.


Heavily illustrated throughout, this detailed and exciting narrative will be of huge appeal to both naval and aviation historians and enthusiasts.

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Editorial Reviews

Eagles Over the Sea is an excellent addition to the often neglected historiography of Luftwaffe maritime operations in the mid-to-late-war period. Paterson’s compilation of official reports, first-hand accounts, and insightful analysis weave together the various threads that made up each theatre of operation’s combat chronology. Human actions and errors, developing technologies, changing tactics, and the struggle to continue operations amidst the ever-encroaching allied forces are all covered in a flowing, detailed style that provides.” —The Northern Mariner / Le marin du nord
Eagles Over the Sea 1943-45 provides a focus on maritime aviation that both parallels and is entwined with the Atlantic U-boat war…. Patterson’s detailed narrative helps the reader understand the maritime role of the Luftwaffe. It’s also a cautionary case study in what happens to an organization where the leadership lacks a unified objective and fails to understand how those goals were to be achieved.  Readers with an interest in maritime air operations will find this book of interest.” —Armchair General
“This is an epic two-volume set (1st volume: Eagles Over the Sea 1935-42) that required years of meticulous and dedicated research that … has no rival. With facts, figures and personal accounts and opinions by participants both German and Allied, the books establish the author as one of the post-war’s researchers and writers on a level with Gordon Prange and Walter Lord whose several works on Pearl Harbor and Mid-way have set their own level of expertise for many years.” —Naval Aviation News
Eagles over the Sea provides a comprehensive treatment of its topic, with a good balance between aircraft and people, the narrative being enhanced by eyewitness accounts from airmen who took part in some of the operations covered. The choice of illustrations is … good, with a number of images of individuals alongside those of aircraft and ships…. Eagles is to be recommended as likely to be the definitive work on the subject for a long time, of interest to both those concerned with the Second World War in the air, and those whose interests lie in its conduct at sea.” —Warship