In Defence of Naval Supremacy

Finance, Technology, and British Naval Policy, 1889-1914

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In his groundbreaking work, In Defence of Naval Supremacy, Sumida presents a provocative and authoritative revisionist history of the origins, nature and consequences of the "Dreadnought Revolution" of 1906. Based on intensive and extensive archival research, the book strives to explain vital financial and technical matters which enable readers to observe the complex interplay of fiscal, technical, strategic, and personal factors that shaped the course of British naval decision-making during the critical quarter century that preceded the outbreak of the First World War.

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"In the 1990s, Jon Sumida and Nicholas Lambert reexamined the British naval building program of 1905 to 1914. . . . Between them, Sumida and Lambert completely overturned the Marder interpretation of British naval policy." — The Journal of Modern History