"Cyberspace in Peace and War, Second Edition"

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This updated and expanded edition of Cyberspace in Peace and War by Martin C. Libicki presents a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity, cyberwar, and cyber-terrorism. From basic concepts to advanced principles, Libicki examines the sources and consequences of system compromises, addresses strategic aspects of cyberwar, and defines cybersecurity in the context of military operations while highlighting unique aspects of the digital battleground and strategic uses of cyberwar. 

This new edition provides updated analysis on cyberespionage, including the enigmatic behavior of Russian actors, making this volume a timely and necessary addition to the cyber-practitioner's library. 

Cyberspace in Peace and War guides readers through the complexities of cybersecurity and cyberwar and challenges them to understand the topics in new ways. Libicki provides the technical and geopolitical foundations of cyberwar necessary to understand the policies, operations, and strategies required for safeguarding an increasingly online infrastructure. 


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Editorial Reviews

“The first edition of this book was a masterfully comprehensive, penetrating, and deeply informative introduction to all dimensions of cyber conflict, which has rapidly emerged as the dominant strategic arena of the 21st century. This new edition not only updates but improves the book's achievements.” –Richard K. Betts, Columbia University, author of Enemies of Intelligence and American Force
“Cyber is arguably the most complicated as well as the most important arena of conflict the U.S. faces today, and the second edition of Martin Libicki’s Cyberspace in Peace and War is an indispensable guide to it, separating the hype from the real threats and choices. Updated from the first edition, it tells us where we are and where we are likely to go.” —Robert Jervis, author of How Statesmen Think: The Psychology of International Politics
“Libicki's updated master class on the foundations, implications and import of cyberspace delivers the breadth of an encyclopedia and the accessibility of a personal guide within a context of forward-looking strategy. Covering technology, human factors and doctrine in equal measure, Libicki delivers a book that the reader can employ as a ready reference to assist in navigating the complex landscape of strategy and policy for a domain on which all others depend.” —Chris Inglis, former deputy director, National Security Agency
Cyberspace in Peace and War, Second Edition by Martin C. Libicki, delivers a comprehensive review and analysis of the threats in cyberspace as well as thought provoking and insightful discussion of cybersecurity strategy. Presented in textbook format, Libicki’s primer is a highly valuable resource, especially for national security professionals and academics.” —The Cipher Brief
Cyberspace in Peace and War, Second Edition is a massive treasure trove of fundamental knowledge and insights into one of the most challenging strategic issues confronting the United States today. The four sections of the book cover Foundations, Operations, Strategies and Norms. A cybersecurity novice reading this book will emerge from the experience with basic knowledge of virtually all the strategic and operational aspects of cyberwar and cyber defense. An experienced policymaker will have his or her sense of the topic honed and enriched by this book.” —Journal of Cyber Policy
Cyberspace in Peace and War is a timely book. Those with an interest in defense policy and the strategy and tactics of modern warfare will benefit from the ideas Dr. Libicki presents.” —Armchair General
“The cyber realm has already seen the first attacks of a new type of warfare, one that many do not understand. This updated work delves into the history and tactics of cyber warfare.” —Military Heritage
"Cyberspace in Peace and War is a complex read but very informative of the virtual world that impacts us all." — Intelligencer


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