Churchill Goes to War

Winston's Wartime Journeys

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One of Britain's top historians takes on a previously unexplored area of Churchill's wartime efforts in this much anticipated follow on to a successful study last year of Churchill's navy. Entirely original in his approach, Lavery considers the practicalities of transporting a prime minister through dangerous skies and across hostile oceans in a time of global war. Readers learn that like most of the British war effort, Churchill's voyages were under-planned and improvised. The many firsthand accounts that are included offer an intimate portrait of the man through the eyes of his traveling companions, ministers, and top military officers, and secretaries and typists, as well as the ship and aircraft crews responsible for his safety. The book concludes with an examination of the legacy of the voyages, especially with regard to air travel and developing world statesmanship.

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Editorial Reviews

"The book fills a needed void in naval studies of the Second World War and naval historians and Churchill enthusiasts will not be disappointed. The volume has excellent maps detailing the course of each journey and a nice selection of photographs. It is an informative and most enjoyable read." —International Journal of Naval History
"Lavery may sometimes tell readers more than they ever thought possible to know about logistics and flight-paths, but he also tells us much that is well worth our knowing." —Journal of Cold War Studies
"Well-researched and at times, deeply inspiring." —Andrew Roberts, The Mail on Sunday