British Submarines in the Cold War Era

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    September 15, 2021
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British Submarines in the Cold War Era shows how a combination of evolving strategic and tactical requirements and new technology produced successive types of submarines.It is based largely on unpublished and previously classified official documentation, and to the extent allowed by security restrictions, also tells the operational story – HMS Conqueroris still the only nuclear submarine to have sunk a warship in combat, but there are many less well-known aspects of British submarine operations in the postwar era. Although some of the Cold War activities of British submarines have come to light in recent years, this book will be the first comprehensive technical history of the submarines themselves, their design rationale, and the service which operated them.

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“This offering, authored by Norman Friedman, provides the reader with an informative, and rounded look at the submarines of the Royal Navy post-WWII. The benefits learned from fighting the U-Boat force is well explained, and the advances in Royal Navy submarines, that help protect them from the methods used to seek out and destroy U-Boats. For anybody interested in submarines, as a machine of war this book is a must have, as the UK was one of the leading lights in the development and use of submarines as weapons of war, and their collaboration with the U.S. Navy has paid huge dividends for both countries.” —Model Shipwrights
British Submarines in the Cold War Era by Norman Friedman is a remarkable achievement.... This book is a must read for all professionals, designers and scholars of modern submarines. Once again it should be recommended reading for all Australian submarine design courses.” —Australian Naval Institute