British Naval Weapons of World War Two

"The John Lambert Collection, Volume III: Coastal Forces Weapons"

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John Lambert was a renowned naval draughtsman, whose plans were highly valued for their accuracy and detail by model makers and enthusiasts. By the time of his death in 2016, he had produced over 850 sheets of drawings, many of which have never been published. The initial volumes concentrate on British naval weaponry used in World War II, thus completing the project John Lambert was working on when he died. His interest was always focused on smaller warships and his weapons drawings tend to be of open mountings—the kind that present a real challenge to model makers—rather than enclosed turret guns, but he also produced drawings of torpedo tubes, underwater weapons, fire-control directors and even some specific armament-related deck fittings. 

The drawings are backed by introductory essays by Norman Friedman and a selection of photographs adds to the value of the book as visual reference. 

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Editorial Reviews

“For the fan of British small craft during this period, this book is a gold mine and a real necessity.... John Lambert was a drafter of no mean skill, and his drawings are concise, clear, and invaluable to scratchbuilders and super-detailers. Very highly recommended!” —Nautical Research Journal
“This volume looks at the Coastal Forces, examining the boats themselves, a complex subject with a large number of visually similar boats performing different roles, and with variants of different lengths, and the weapons they carried, including the varied types of guns in use and the anti-submarine weapons and mines they carried…. The plans are clearly reproduced and contain masses of detail…. They will be of great value to the modeler. Lambert’s work deserved to be published, and this series of three books has done him proud.” —Military History Encyclopedia on the Web