British and Commonwealth Warship Camouflage of WWII

Volume 1: Destroyers, Frigates, Escorts, Minesweepers, Coastal Warfare Craft, Submarines & Auxiliaries

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During World War II, navies developed low-visibility camouflage for their ships on both vertical and horizontal surfaces. The result reduced visibility by blending in with the sea or confusing the identity of a ship by applying more obtrusive patterns. In this new book by maritime artist Malcolm Wright, both the official and unofficial paint schemes that adorned ships of the Royal Navy and Commonwealth are depicted in detail, along with discussion on changes of armament and electronics that effected the outward appearance of each ship. Starting with destroyers from World War I still in service during World War II, the book progressively covers ships below cruisers, class by class, to provide a detailed and easy-to-use guide to paint schemes in use.

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