Admiral Lord Howe

A Biography

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    June 15, 2005
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Foreword by James Bradford

Admiral Lord Howe's long and honored career as a naval commander and diplomat made him a significant figure in eighteenth-century England, yet until now there has never been a comprehensive biography about him. This fascinating and thoroughly researched book fills a large gap in Royal Navy history as it examines Admiral Howe's life from his days as a midshipman through his service in four wars: the Seven Year War where he led the attack on Quiberon Bay, the American Revolutionary War where he commanded the British squadron, the Third Relief of Gibraltar, and the French Revolutionary War where he defeated the French fleet on the Glorious First of June. This long overdue biography also takes a careful look at Howe the skilled diplomat as he sought to forestall the American Revolutionary War through negotiation with Benjamin Franklin and served as First Lord of the Admiralty in the government of Pitt the Younger. It is essential reading for age-of-sail enthusiasts.

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