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'Perfect in Every Respect'

By Captain Stephen F. Davis Jr., U.S. Navy
August 2008
In an August 1943 night battle that forever changed American destroyer tactics, six U.S. tin cans ambushed and decimated a Japanese force in the central Solomons Vella Gulf.
U.S. NAVY (Ken Mierzejewski)

Building the Next Nelson

By Captain Stephen F. Davis Jr., U.S. Navy
January 2007
Ten years after he advocated a change in course for the Surface Warfare Officer School, a cruiser captain still sees room for improvement.

Iraq after Saddam

By Lieutenant Colonel Paul Schreiber, USMC, Commander Brian Kelley, USCG, Lieutenant Colonel Gary Holland, USAF, and Commander Stephen Davis, USN
April 2003
We know what needs to occur to remove Saddam from power, but we also must prepare for what comes after.

A View from the Gender Fault Line

By Commander Gerard D. Roncolato and Lieutenant Commander Stephen F. Davis Jr., U.S. Navy
March 1998
The integration of women in combatants isn't easy, but it is inevitable, it is the right thing to do, and it can work.

Nobody Asked Me, But...Fix SWOS for Good!

By Lieutenant Commander Stephen F. Davis, Jr., U.S. Navy
October 1997
Davis contends that it is time to rethink the Surface Warfare Officer School Division Officer Course (SWOS-DOC). The current course is not preparing officers for prompt and sustained combat operations ...