Manager of Master Planning and Control at the Quincy shipyard, Mr. Winram is a veteran of 27 years of shipbuilding. He was a top executive of the shipyard before its purchase by General Dynamics, and was closely associated with Captain Laney as | planning superintendent for the nuclear-powered USS Long Beach and USS Bainbridge, responsible for construction, nuclear power plants and weapons. He holds a civil engineering degree from Norwich University and attended the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration.

Articles by Samuel B. Winram

The Case for the Modernized Shipyard

By Capt. Robert V. Laney, U. S. N. R. and Samuel B. Winram
September 1969
The submarine tender Spear; the instrumentation ship Vanguard; the oiler Wichita; and the ammunition ships Kilauea and Butte at outfitting piers in the Quincy shipyard illustrate this modernized yard’s ability ...