A graduate of the U. S. Naval Academy with the Class of 1939, Captain Laney received an M.S. degree in naval architecture in 1944 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He played a key management role in construction of the world’s first nuclear-powered guided missile cruiser, USS Long Beach (CG(N)-9), and managed the design, construction and testing (except the nuclear propulsion plant) of the first nuclear-powered guided missile destroyer, USS Bainbridge (DLG(N)-25). A vice president of General Dynamics, he has managed the Quincy shipyard since it was acquired by the corporation on 1 January 1964.

Articles by Robert V. Laney

The Case for the Modernized Shipyard

By Capt. Robert V. Laney, U. S. N. R. and Samuel B. Winram
September 1969
The submarine tender Spear; the instrumentation ship Vanguard; the oiler Wichita; and the ammunition ships Kilauea and Butte at outfitting piers in the Quincy shipyard illustrate this modernized yard’s ability ...