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Norman Friedman is one of America's most prominent naval analysts, and the author of more than thirty books covering a range of naval subjects, including Naval Anti-Aircraft Guns and Gunnery and Naval Weapons of World War One.

Articles by Norman Friedman

 Japanese Type 93 “Long Lance” torpedo on display at the U.S. Naval Academy

A Massive Torpedo

By Norman Friedman
April 2019
The capabilities of the Type 93 torpedo were such a well-kept secret, and so far beyond those of U.S. torpedoes, that the U.S. Navy did not appreciate the threat it ...
The Northern Mine Barrage, 1918
U.S. Naval Institute Photo Archive

A Harsh Economic Lesson

By Norman Friedman
September 2015
Through July the Chinese national stock market at Shanghai went into free fall, despite the government’s efforts to buoy it by, among other things, injecting cash. The market had crashed ...
British troops load their gun in a camouflaged bunker circa April 1915

Why 1914 Still Matters

By Norman Friedman
August 2014
Imagine that your closest trading partner is also your most threatening potential enemy. Imagine, too, that this partner is building a large navy specifically targeted at yours, hence at ...
U.S. Navy (David MacLean)
U.S. Navy (David R. Finley)

Under the Dome

By Norman Friedman
January 2013
Israeli success with the Iron Dome anti-rocket system illustrates the way in which tactics and technology go together in anti-missile warfare. The success of the system may also have considerable ...

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