Dr. Norman C. Delaney is the author or coauthor of numerous books about Civil War history, including The Maltby Brother’s Civil War (Texas A&M University Press, 2013) and John McIntosh Kell of the Raider Alabama (University of Alabama Press, 2003). He received the 2010 Naval History Author of the Year Award for a pair of articles about USS Kearsarge and CSS Alabama sailors: “The Alabama’s ‘Bold and Determined Man’” (August 2010) and “‘I Didn’t Feel Excited a Mite’” (December 2010).

Articles by Norman C. Delaney

Stock photo of two cannon balls laying near a cask

Did Whiskey Bombs Fall on Texas?

By Norman C. Delaney
August 2019
1862: Sailors emptied gunpowder from shells and hid stolen whiskey therein, only to see their hooch stash used in the bombardment of the Confederate stronghold at Corpus Christi. We investigate.
Julian Davidson, Hauling Down the Flag/Library of Congress

'I Didn't Feel Excited a Mite'

By Norman C. Delaney
December 2010
The Confederate raider Alabama was the scourge of the seas until the Kearsarge put her out of business. In the fray, a Union crewman became a hero.