Major Chounet is the flight commander, Operations Flight in the 47th Civil Engineer Squadron, Laughlin AFB, Texas. She received her commission from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 2006 and earned a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and an MBA in project management in 2014. 

Articles by Natalie Chounet

A multinational fisheries patrol in the South China Sea would be beneficial.

FONOPs: Not The Only Option

By Major Pablo Valerín, U.S. Army, Major Natalie Chounet, U.S. Air Force, Lieutenant Commander Jonathan Smith, U.S. Navy, and Major Kostyantyn Kotov, U.S. Army
May 2020
To break Southeast Asia out of the cycle of confrontation, ASEAN should form a multinational fisheries patrol, with U.S. help.