Mitsuo Fuchida became a Lutheran bishop after the war and continued writing until his death in 1974.

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Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryu burning on 5 June 1942, during the Battle of Midway.

Five Fateful Minutes at Midway

By Mitsuo Fuchida and Masatake Okumiya
June 1955
This article is an excerpt from the book, Midway, The Battle That Doomed Japan—The Japanese Navy’s Story, published this month by the U.S. Naval Institute.

I Led the Air Attack on Pearl Harbor

By Captain Mitsuo Fuchida, former Imperial Japanese Navy, Edited by Roger Pineau
September 1952
In September, 1941, I was transferred from the staff of the Third Carrier Division to aircraft carrier Akagi, a position I had left just one year earlier. Shortly after joining ...

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