Dr. Milan Vego has been professor of operations at the Naval War College, Newport, Rhode Island, since 1991. A native of Bosnia & Herzegovina, he obtained political asylum in the United States in 1976. He served for 12 years as a naval officer and four years as 2nd Officer (Deck) in the Merchant Marine. Dr.Vego holds a PhD in Modern European History from George Washington University (1981). He also has a Master Mariner’s license (1973). He is the author of four books—Soviet Navy Today (1986); Soviet Naval Tactics (1992); Austro-Hungarian Naval Policy, 1904–1914 (1996); and Naval Strategy and Operations in Narrow Seas (1999; 2nd ed., 2003)—and the author of the textbook Operational Warfare (2000), used at the Naval War College and a number of other service colleges in the United States and overseas. Dr. Vego has also published numerous articles and essays in various professional journals.