Official portrait of Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Navy

Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Navy, was the Chief of Naval Operations.

Articles by Mike Mullen

 Crewmen repair bomb damage to the flight deck of the USS Yorktown (CV-5) on 4 June 1942 during the Battle of Midway

Why Midway Matters

By Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Navy
June 2007
The Navy’s senior active-duty officer explains why the courage and sacrifice of the Battle of Midway’s Sailors are still relevant.

Global Concept of Operations

By Vice Admiral Mike Mullen, USN
April 2003
The Navy's Global Concept of Operations meets the new National Military Strategy's requirements and implements "Sea Power 21" by more effectively distributing the assets we have. Aegis surface action groups ...

The Power of Ideas

By Vice Admiral Mike Mullen, U.S. Navy
April 2003
As the officer responsible for resourcing the Navy, I am interested in more than just the monetary capital required to maintain and transform our service. Achieving the goals of "Sea ...

Capture the Vision

By Vice Admiral Mike Mullen, USN
April 2002
To fund the transformed, networked Navy of the future, the Navy must win the battle of ideas now.

Commanding NATO Operations from the Sea

By Vice Admiral Mike Mullen, USN
August 2001
Capitalizing on the flexibility and mobility of their headquarters on board the Mount Whitney (JCC-20), the staff of NATO's Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic, stands ready to respond to alliance tasking. ...