James L. Holloway III graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy in 1942 and served in destroyers during World War II, shooting down three Zeros at the Battle of Leyte Gulf as gunnery officer of the Bennion. He became a naval aviator in 1945 and flew combat missions in Korea, where he was promoted to the command of a jet fighter squadron. After nuclear reactor training under Vice Adm. Hyman Rickover, Holloway became captain of the first nuclear carrier, Enterprise, for two combat deployments to Vietnam. In 1968 he returned to the Pentagon and established the nuclear-powered carrier program. Four years later he took command of the Seventh Fleet in Southeast Asia. In 1974 he was selected as Chief of Naval Operations and a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Among Admiral Holloway's more than forty medals and decorations are the French Legion of Honor, Japanese Order of the Rising Sun, Grand Cross of Germany, Knight of the Italian Order of Merit, U.S. Distinguished Service Medal, and the Distinguished Flying Cross. He recieved the Admiral of the Navy George Dewey Award from the Naval Order of the United States in 2011.

After his retirement from the service in 1978, Admiral Holloway began a civilian career in public service that included directing a presidential task force on combating terrorism and serving as a special envoy to the Middle East. Today he is chairman of the Naval Historical Foundation and chairman emeritus of the Association of Naval Aviators and the Naval Academy Foundation. He and his wife live in Alexandria, Virginia.

Articles by James L. Holloway III

U.S. Navy (David A. Cox)

If the Question Is China . . .

By Admiral James L. Holloway III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
January 2011
The United States can protect allies and economic interests in the Pacific only by deploying large-deck carrier strike groups.
Naval Historical Center

Second Salvo at Surigao Strait

By Admiral James L. Holloway III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
October 2010
The contribution of the USS Bennion in the Battle of Surigao Strait has remained undervalued until now. Here’s her story.

CVN=Indispensable National Asset

By Admiral James L. Holloway III, USN (Ret.)
September 2006
A former CNO makes the case that technology has enhanced, not diminished, the capabilities of the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier.

Into the Lion's Den

By Admiral James L. Holloway III, U.S. Navy (Retired)
August 2004
Commander Seventh Fleet recounts a dicey night in the Vietnam War.

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