Mr. Caiella is a journalist of more than 45 years with experience as a photographer, editor, writer, designer, and graphic artist. He has worked as lead editor of scholarly publications for the Naval History and Heritage Command, senior editor of Proceedings and Naval History magazines, and writer-editor for the U.S. Marine Corps’ History Division.

Articles by J. M. Caiella

William D. Porter Destroyer
The Illinois, a brick near-replica of the Indiana (Battleship No. 1) design, served as the home for naval exhibits at Chicago’s 1893 Columbian Exposition. Later, for a brief time, she was home to the Illinois Naval Militia.
The USS Kidd, in battle dress, is seen on 12 June 1944 en route to the invasion of Saipan. Ten months later off Okinawa, a kamikaze knocked her out of the war. Decades later she would begin a second career, as a museum ship.
The Erie’s four-gun main battery is readily visible in this 7 April 1938 photo. Her secondary 1.1-inch quad machine-gun mounts are in front of the bridge, aft of the tall mainmast structure, and on either side of the fore tripod mast.
The Weehawken is depicted with its original “minesweeper” about to explode a Confederate torpedo. The illustration is from the 25 April 1863 edition of Harper’s Weekly.
the frigate Essex