A graduate of the Naval Academy in 1903, Admiral Cooke served on the Asiatic Station in the U.S.S. Wisconsin, and the gunboat Pampanga. He was wounded while operating with the Army against the hostile Moros at Jolo. He participated in the famous U. S. Fleet cruise around the world. During World War I, he commanded the U.S.S. Kanawha, armed yacht based at Brest, and later the destroyers Jenkins and Allen, based at Queenstown. He was Executive officer of the U.S.S. Wyoming, and commanded the oiler, U.S.S. Brazos. Other duties include Assistant Commandant, 1st Naval District; Commander of the U.S.S. Melville; Director of Athletics, and Commandant of Midshipmen at the Naval Academy; Commander of the U.S.S. Oklahoma from 1932-34; Chief of Staff, Naval War College; Captain of the Boston Navy Yard.

He was retired as a Rear Admiral in 1939, but was recalled to active duty in 1941 as Cable Censor at New York. He was Commodore of Atlantic Convoys from 1942-45, and finally retired in November of ’45.

Articles by H.D. Cooke

The Atlantic Convoys

By Rear Admiral H. D. Cooke, U. S. Navy (Retired)
August 1950
The protection of shipping by armed naval vessels has often been recorded in the annals of the sea. During World War I, merchant vessels armed with a single gun aft ...