A graduate of the Naval Academy in the Class of 1924, Mr. Baldwin joined the staff of the New York Times in 1929 and has been that newspaper’s military editor since 1942. He is internationally known for his analysis of current military and naval affairs and is the author of numerous magazine articles and books.

Articles by Hanson W. Baldwin


By Hanson W. Baldwin
April 1964
Like images in a distorting mirror, two topical problems in this nineteenth year of the atomic age—the stoppage of nuclear tests and the proliferation of nuclear weapons—emphasize the grotesque dimensions ...

The Critical Tomorrows

By Hanson W. Baldwin
December 1962
There is rough water ahead for the Navy and the nation, warns Mr. Baldwin, unless we define adequately our political and economic goals and support these goals with military power.

Professional Notes

By Captain Rosseter P. Maurice, USNR (Ret.), Gladwin Hill, John Bunker, Richard Witkin, Hanson W. Baldwin, Harry C. Kenney, James A. Fusca, Walter Sullivan
June 1959
Problems in Revising the Rules of the Road By Captain Rosseter P. Maurice, USNR (Ret.) The officially designated “International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea,” commonly referred to as the ...

The End of The Wine Mess

By Hanson Baldwin
August 1958
On Monday, April 6, 1914, the lead story of The New York Times announced, in the circuitous journalism of that day: “There will be a sensation among the officers of ...

Notes on Naval Reserve Training Cruises

By Lieutenant (J.G.) Hanson W. Baldwin, U.S. Naval Reserve
April 1931
Eight thousand officers and men of the naval reserve, the Navy’s second line of defense, were cruised on destroyers or other commissioned vessels of the Navy during the summer of ...