Formerly a member of the English, History, and Government Department at the U. S. Naval Academy, Dr. Gerald E. Wheeler is now an Associate Professor of History at San Jose State College, San Jose, California. During World War II, he served as a naval aviator (airship), an air navigator, and as assistant navigator in USS Bunker Hill (CV-17). Now a commander in the Naval Air Reserve, he is Squadron Administrator of Reserve Squadron HS-872 at NARTU, Naval Air Station, Alameda. Dr. Wheeler has previously had published five articles in the Proceedings.

Articles by Gerald E. Wheeler

Naval Aviation in the Korean War

By Assistant Professor Gerald E. Wheeler, USNA
July 1957
The U.S. Navy was in the Korean War from practically the opening shot, and the war concluded with Vice Admiral C. Turner Joy, USN, directing the peace negotiations in the ...