Edward J. Marolda served as the Acting Director of Naval History and Senior Historian of the Navy. In 2017 the Naval Historical Foundation honored him with its Commodore Dudley W. Knox Naval History Lifetime Achievement Award. He has authored, coauthored, or edited nine works on the U.S. Navy�s experience in Vietnam. In support of the U.S. Naval Institute�s Oral History Program, he has interviewed Vietnam veterans and retired admirals Stanley R. Arthur and Joseph W. Prueher. At Georgetown University, Dr. Marolda has taught courses on the Cold War in the Far East and the Vietnam War. He holds degrees in history from Pennsylvania Military College (BA), Georgetown University (MA), and George Washington University (PhD).

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Targeting Iraqi assets in Kuwait, the USS Wisconsin (BB-64) fires a round from one of her Mark 7 16-inch/50-caliber guns in turret no. 1, adding her firepower to a war that necessitated a shift from “widely accepted doctrines and methods of operation.”

Weathering the Storm

By Edward J. Marolda
February 2021
The U.S. Navy had built and trained for a Cold War adversary, but it quickly shifted gears to meet the challenges of the Persian Gulf War.
Admiral James L. Holloway

A Strong Hand on the Helm

By Edward J. Marolda
April 2020
Admiral James L. Holloway III, who slipped his cable on 26 November 2019, stands as one of the towering U.S. Navy leaders of the late 20th century. As an officer ...

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