With more than ten years of service on deck in both the Merchant Marine and the Navy, Mr. Gibson is well fitted by first hand experience to discuss the subject he has chosen. He has published numerous articles on the enlisted man in the Navy, and is author or co-author of various sections of training courses for both officers and enlisted men. Now on inactive duty, he is connected with Navy Training Publications Center, Naval Gun Factory, Washington, D. C.

Articles by Edmund A. Gibson

The Navy Enlisted Man

By Edmund A. Gibson
October 1954
In August, 1950, I embarked upon what was probably my last active duty in the Navy, and upon my separation in November, 1951, I had completed over eight years of ...

Leaders and Leadership

By Edmund A. Gibson
March 1954
Probably no one subject connected with the military art has received as much concentrated attention from writers in recent years as the subject of leadership. Practically every full-length work written ...

More About the "Caste System"

By Edmund A. Gibson
September 1949
Great satisfaction is being expressed by certain newspaper columnists over the Army’s decision to incorporate a number of changes into its Court Martial system, among them the one which now ...