Articles by David G. Bolgiano

The experience of combat is difficult to understand; investigations of U.S. military personnel involved in deadly force incidents should be fair and accurate. FBI investigations of line-of-duty shootings can provide a guide.

There Are Better Ways to Investigate Our Own

By Colonel Steven “Randy” Watt and Lieutenant Colonel John Taylor, U.S. Army (Retired), and Lieutenant Colonel David G. Bolgiano, U.S. Air Force (Retired)
July 2020
It is legally and morally prudent to require accountability for the use of force, but current legal and investigatory standards for assessing such accountability are subjective at best.
U.S. Navy (Photographer's Mate 2nd Class Samuel C. Peterson)

Under Fire

By Lieutenant Colonel David G. Bolgiano, U.S. Air Force
February 2009
The United States needs better training for its deployed strategic corporals and their judges.

Time to Tell Our Kids It's Okay to Shoot

By Major David G. Bolgiano, Maryland Air National Guard; Lieutenant Colonel James C. Larsen, USA; and Master Sergeant Trish Pullar, New York Air National Guard
July 2005
U.S. armed forces engage in combat under defined rules of engagement that local commanders often complicate. The authors discuss the training syllabus they are using to prepare troops about to ...