Aryeh Wetherhorn has a rich background in Naval History. He began collecting small scale ship models while still in high school. At its peak, the collection numbered over 6000 ship models and over 3000 aircraft, all in scale 1:1200. Aryeh graduated from the University of Michigan in 1962 with a major in History and a minor in Mathematics. He served as a Naval Reserve officer in the Vietnam War, earning a Naval Achievement Medal for his performance of duty in USS Okinawa. After leaving the Navy he moved to Israel and officially changed his name from Lee Wetherhorn to Aryeh Wetherhorn. He began writing answers to questions posed by members of the International Naval Research Organization in the “Ask Infoser” column of the organization’s quarterly “Warship International”. His contribution of many dozens of answers led to the writing of full length articles on Naval History for the Polish magazine “Okrety Wojenne” (Warships). His biography is on record at the Cambridge Biographical Center and appeared in the Marquis edition of “Who’s Who in the World” in 1998. The Jerusalem Post weekend magazine featured his model collection in an edition several years ago and his life story in another edition in 2016. A short article by him about his experiences in the six-day war in Jerusalem appeared in the Jerusalem Post magazine in 2007.

Articles by Aryeh Wetherhorn

Truk Atoll

Target: Truk Atoll

By Aryeh Wetherhorn
April 2021
Culled from ships’ war diaries, here is a vivid, you-are-there account of the U.S. offensive against Japanese forces in the Caroline Islands in February 1944.