Lieutenant Richard Kuzma, U.S. Navy, is a surface warfare officer stationed in San Diego, California. He is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, where he wrote his thesis on U.S.-China military AI competition and AI infrastructure. He is an alum of the Defense Innovation Unit, where he worked to push the limits of computer vision techniques using satellite imagery.

Articles by Richard Kuzma

Concept art of a grid of satellites over the earth with the sun rising in the background

The End of Deception

By Lieutenants Tom Wester and Richard Kuzma, U.S. Navy
November 2019
As signals intelligence and synthetic aperture radar satellites proliferate, the Navy is losing its stealth advantage.
Destroyers steaming

You Miss 100% of the (Missile) Shots You Don’t Take

By Lieutenants (junior grade) Richard Kuzma and Tom Wester, and Ensign Artem Sherbinin, U.S. Navy
July 2019
To meet the challenges of great power competition, the Navy must leverage its current fleet, weapons, and capabilities to increase surface force lethality in a high-end fight.
Lieutenants (junior grade) Zac Dannelly, Ian Shaw, Drew Calcagno, and Richard Kuzma

Innovation Talk is Cheap—Start Innovating

By Lieutenants (junior grade) Richard Kuzma, Drew Calcagno, Zac Dannelly, and Ian Shaw, U.S. Navy
April 2019
To truly change, the Navy must create ideas-to-action processes that allow ideas from all corners to battle for backing and implementation