Top Daily Stories for July 2015

Jul 25 2015

U.S. troops to train regular Ukrainian military troops: State Department

Reuters (World) - Sat, 2015-07-25 03:53
U.S. troops will begin training regular Ukrainian military forces later this year in an expansion of their current mission, which so far has been limited to instructing Interior Ministry national guard units.
Jul 23 2015

Last West Coast frigate—USS Gary—retired

San Diego Union - Thu, 2015-07-23 21:03
“This is the fighting frigate, and don’t you ever forget it,” says a former captain.
Jul 22 2015

Pentagon chief tells Saudi Arabia: Iran threat is shared concern

Reuters (World) - Wed, 2015-07-22 14:03
Defense Secretary Ash Carter said after talks in Saudi Arabia that Iran's "potential for aggression" was a shared concern as he moved to bolster ties with Riyadh following a nuclear agreement with its arch-foe.
Jul 13 2015

Navy fires enlisted leader of destroyer Pinckney

San Diego Union - Mon, 2015-07-13 21:08
"Equal opportunity" complaint, command climate cited in dismissal of chief.
Jul 13 2015

U.S. considers training Ukrainian army troops: general

Reuters (World) - Mon, 2015-07-13 15:52
U.S. officials are considering expanding the American military training mission in Ukraine to include army and special operations troops, likely focusing on issues like tactics and combat medicine.
Jul 7 2015

Air strikes, ground combat in Yemen killed nearly 200 on Monday

Reuters - Tue, 2015-07-07 05:01
Saudi-led coalition air strikes and clashes killed at least 176 fighters and civilians in Yemen on Monday, residents and media run by the Houthi movement said.
Jul 5 2015

US-led coalition carries out series of deadly strikes targeting IS militants in Raqqa

Fox News - World - Sun, 2015-07-05 04:45
A series of U.S.-led coalition airstrikes targeting the Islamic State group's stronghold of Raqqa in eastern Syria has killed at least 10 militants and wounded many others.
Jul 2 2015

China's Navy holds Missile Combat Resupply Drill

Maritime News - Security - Thu, 2015-07-02 07:26
China's navy held its first drill simulating the resupply of missiles in a combat environment in the Yellow Sea, the Defence Ministry said on Thursday.


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