Top Daily Stories for February 2014

Feb 27 2014

Senate blocks huge vets benefits bill

Marine Corps Times - Thu, 2014-02-27 18:27
A veterans legislative package that would have expanded a host of post-military benefits was sidelined Thursday after Senate Democratic backers failed to find enough support among Republican colleagues.
Feb 26 2014

Marine Corps commandant: 'Never any intention to ban' independent newspaper

Marine Corps Times - Wed, 2014-02-26 19:05
Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Jim Amos issued a statement Wednesday saying "there was never any intention to ban" the independent newspaper Marine Corps Times from base exchange stores.
Feb 26 2014

Top enlisted members: Don't mess with commissaries

Marine Corps Times - Wed, 2014-02-26 18:45
The Marine Corps' senior enlisted adviser told lawmakers Wednesday that he believes focusing on the commissary benefit as a potential source of defense budget savings is a mistake.
Feb 26 2014

Sleeves up! Why the commandant reversed unpopular uniform policy

Marine Corps Times - Wed, 2014-02-26 10:40
The Marine Corps' two-year-old 'sleeves down' policy ended with an announcement late Tuesday night on the Marines' official social media platforms.
Feb 26 2014

DoD, VA issue new concussion care guide

Navy Times - Wed, 2014-02-26 09:14
New guidelines on post-concussion care offer a detailed, step-by-step road map for returning to duty that embraces rest and nixes activities such as driving and video games.
Feb 26 2014

China blames Philippines for latest South China Sea incident

Reuters - Wed, 2014-02-26 05:36
China on Wednesday accused the Philippines of "deliberate provocations" over an incident in disputed waters in the South China Sea that drew a protest from Manila.
Feb 25 2014

Frigate Taylor CO fired 2 weeks after running aground

Navy Times - Tue, 2014-02-25 13:36
The commanding officer of the frigate Taylor was fired Tuesday two weeks after his ship ran aground in the Black Sea, where it was standing by to support security at the Winter Olympics.
Feb 25 2014

Pacific Fleet's WWII diaries now available online

Navy Times - Tue, 2014-02-25 13:14
The wartime documents include thousands of admiral-to-admiral reports, descriptions of combat actions, enemy movements, the status of ground, air and sea forces, and more.
Feb 25 2014

Congress skeptical about plan to shrink military

Navy Times - Tue, 2014-02-25 08:02
The Obama administration's push for a smaller, nimbler military must now face the scrutiny of a Congress that has spent years battling the Pentagon's vision for a new security strategy.
Feb 25 2014

Philippines protests over South China Sea water cannon incident

Reuters (World) - Tue, 2014-02-25 03:53
The Philippines protested on Tuesday against China's use of a water cannon on Filipino fishermen in disputed waters of the South China Sea warning that the incident would escalate tension.


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