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Female Navy Recruits Get First 'Dixie Cup' Hats at Boot Camp
The Navy's Recruit Training Command at Great Lakes Illinois marked another milestone in efforts to make uniforms more gender-specific Monday when fema...
China aims to prepare military for battle by ending paid contract work
China has ordered its armed forces to end all paid outside work within three years as part of a push to make the world's largest standing military mor...
Navy: 8 Sailors Aboard Carrier USS Eisenhower Hurt During Landing
Eight sailors were injured aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower during an aircraft landing off Virginia's coast, the Navy said....
U.S., South Korea stage assault drill; North threatens to wipe out enemies
U.S. and South Korean troops staged a big amphibious landing exercise on Saturday, storming simulated North Korean beach defenses. ...
Marine Corps Wants Funding to Improve Security at Recruiting Centers
Ten months after a gunman opened fire in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the Corps is still working to bolster the security of its recruiting officers....

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