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Naval Institute Memoir Collection

Why Do We Need A Memoir Collection?

The U.S. Naval Institute’s Memoir Collection exists to preserve the personal legacies of those who wish to honor their service, for their families, shipmates, friends and future generations who appreciate the importance of a source for first-hand, primary recollections...

  • Many rank their military service as a defining milestone that helped shape their lives.
  • Until now, the Naval Institute Press has regretfully declined to publish most Memoirs because the limited prospects for sales typically would not cover the expense of producing them.
  • Now, thanks to the New Naval Institute Memoir Collection, authors may overcome some of these hurdles by using powerful, user-friendly self-publishing online services to create their Memoirs. Once self-published, the Naval Institute Memoir Collection will preserve their memoir in a central accessible location, available to share with family and future generations.
  • Still others may have a memoir - of their own or of a family member's service - simply gathering dust somewhere, unseen but nonetheless a part of the overall American historical tapestry. With the Memoir Collection, such memories - be they in the form of a shorter vignette or a fuller autobiography - now will have a valued place in a permanent, searchable online archive where they will benefit future generations of researchers, historians, family descendants, and the general public.
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23 February - Seminar

Sat, 2019-02-23

David F. Winkler

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Sun, 2019-03-03

Stephen A. Bourque

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