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October 2023
For 150 years, every major program, policy, and social change impacting the maritime services has been debated and recorded in the pages and events of the Naval Institute.
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Six Moments, Plus One

October 2023
The Naval Institute’s periodicals have had outsized effects on numerous occasions. Here are six noteworthy moments for Proceedings and one for sister publication Naval History.
In fall 1970, the Naval Academy held a press conference on the plight of POW/MIA families. Midshipmen Rick Rubel and Joe Glover flank Brigade Commander Mike Hecomovich, with the replica bamboo cage in the background.

Two Midshipmen and a Mission

By Captain Tal Manvel, U.S. Navy (Retired)
October 2023
The midshipmen’s story is included in H. Michael Gelfand’s 2006 book, Sea Change at Annapolis, but their efforts were largely unreported at the time.

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